Sabiya Technology Pay Per Click
(PPC)Manangement Service

Our Pay Per Click service includes much more than just managing AdWords.

Sabiya Technology can help you to develop an effective PPC Strategy.

PPC stands for pay per click and it is an internet marketing and advertising in which advertisers promote ads on different sites and paid each time when their ads is clicked. It is a cost- effective, fast way to get more website traffic and sales. 75% of people think that paid search ads make it easy to find the information they need. When you choose our PPC Company for PPC services included:

If you’re looking to expand your business, Google Adwords provides a way to put your name in front of customers that are ACTIVELY looking for your services. Once a customer clicks on your ad they arrive at your website ready to act. We’ll set up and manage your campaigns, conduct in-depth keyword research, and write high performing ad copy so that you get the results you’re looking for. Let us show you how.

►  A Digital Competitor Analysis

►  Custom, Data-Driven Ads

►  PPC ad Tracking and Analytics

►  PPC Campaign Management

►  Paid Search Campaigns

►  PPC Advertising across Multiple Platforms

We suggest a digital advertising service such as: Google, Google, Bing, Facebook, or other social network. We have a large number of experienced team member of PPC which can generate a plan that make inspiring output for you and to share with your company.

Pay Per Click Agency

Want a better return on investment from your PPC campaigns?

Our PPC Process

►  PPC Strategy

►  PPC Cost Management

►  PPC Monitoring

►  Implementation

►  Keywords search and selection

►  Ad copy writing

►  Ad Extension

► Conversion Tracking

►  PPC Optimizing

►  Reporting

PPC Advertising Agency

An award winning Indian Pay Per Click Management Agency

PPC Management Company
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PPC Outsourcing

If you are looking for the outsource of your PPC project then you are in right place.

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